When the extension button is pressed, and a circular red recording symbol shows in the LipSurf extension icon, LipSurf is actively accepting commands and is "activated".


A command performs an action based on a certain voice input. Every command is a part of a plugin.


A context is a specific state that LipSurf can be in, where valid commands are limited to those within that specific context. The primary context that commands are in by default is called "Normal" (PluginBase.constants.contexts.Normal).

See Contexts for details.

live transcript

The transcription text that shows on the top of the page when you speak and LipSurf is activated. Can be configured in the options.

match property

The utterance that activates a given command is specified via match properties. Match properties can be simple strings, strings with special characters to represent wildcard or numeral text, or full-on functions!

no headphones mode

Will be changed to "headphones mode" soon. When you don't use headphones, audio from the speakers can feed back into the microphone which is usually undesirable when you're watching a video. With "no headphones mode" on the live transcript does not show when media is detected to be playing on the page — unless there's a valid command.


All the commands in LipSurf are grouped into families called plugins. LipSurf plugins can be created by anyone. They extend the default functionality of LipSurf to make it infinitely extensible.


"LipSurf Plus" is a payed version of LipSurf that has even more powerful features and some additional officially-supported plugins. You can subscribe to Plus via the site.


"LipSurf Premium" is a payed version of LipSurf that has dictation mode and custom go to URL features in addition to all the features of LipSurf Plus. You can subscribe to Premium via the site.