Custom STT API


Last Updated May 21, 2020

This API is used for overriding the built-in STT in LipSurf for an external one. It is only available in LipSurf Enterprise builds.

Quick Start

var i = i || 0;
		forLipSurf: true, 
		method: 'handleTranscript', 
		args: ["hello world", 0.99, true, i++, +new Date()],
}, '*');



Sends STT generated transcript to LipSurf for processing and command execution.

  * @param transcript
  * @param confidence between 0 and 1, 1 being the highest level of confidence
  * @param isFinal set to true if there will not be any subsequent adjustments 
  *     to this transcript
  * @param segmentId so we can identify if we're updating a previous 
  *     transcript (eg. with a higher confidence, or if we're adding newly said 
  *     things)
  * @param recgTime when the transcript was generated in milliseconds since 
  *     UNIX epoch
		transcript: string,
		confidence: number,
		isFinal: boolean, 
		segmentId: number,
		recgTime: number
	): void;


Start listening.


Pauses LipSurf from listening, but does not turn it completely off (useful for keeping LipSurf generated UI on the screen).


Stops listening and all LipSurf generated UI removed.