Extend PluginBase to create a LipSurf plugin.

Member Type Description
name string Friendly-name of the plugin. Used in help and in the plugin list in options.
match RegExp | RegExp[] The URL gets matched against this. The plugin commands only run on pages that match (unless the command is marked global).
commands ICommand[] The meat of the plugin. Described in Command.
homophones { [s: string]: string } (optional) "clothes" sounds like "close". If you have a "close" command, you should define a homophone. The key is the misheard part and the value is the command it should run/map-to. This can also include synonyms in some cases.

Chaining works. You can do "1000" -> "one thousand" and "one thousand" -> "thousand" to match "1000" in that order.
description string (optional) Shown in the plugin list in options.
init () => void (optional) Called in the context of the page when LipSurf is activated and the plugin matches the current URL. Useful for setting up custom styling on the page that all the commands use, or initializing data that commands share. Also called each time the page is brought back into focus while LipSurf is activated.
destroy () => void (optional) Clean-up after things potentially created in init. Called when LipSurf is turned off.
version string (optional) Not being used yet.
apiVersion string (optional) Not being used yet.


The following API exists on PluginBase.util for interacting with the extension and convenience. It can be used in init(), destroy(), test() or runOnPage() functions of the commands (eg. PluginBase.util.getOptions())

Member Type Description
getOptions () => IOptions Get all the user-set options (Used by the "Help" command for example to generate the list of possible commands).
addOverlay (contents, id?: string, domLoc?:HTMLElement=document.body, hold?: boolean=false) => HTMLDivElement Add a div with a shadow DOM and return it. The overlay will be automatically removed when LipSurf is deactivated so you don't need to clean it up yourself.
queryAllFrames (tagName: string, attrs: string[]) => Promise<any[]> Query all frames includes IFrames.
postToAllFrames (id, fnNames: string &#124; string[], selector?) => void Send a message to the frame beacon of all frames.
isInView (ele: JQuery<HTMLElement>) => boolean Checks if an element is in the viewport.
getNoCollisionUniqueAttr () => string Use the string returned from here to keep everything under the LipSurf namespace and prevent page pollution/plugin collisions.


Member Type Description
niceName string Translated friendly name of the plugin.
authors string (optional) Authors of the plugin translation.
description string (optional) Translated long description of the plugin.
homophones { [s: string]: string } (optional) Synonyms and/or homophones built-in by default for the translation. Left side should be what was recognized, and the right side should be what it maps to. There cannot be duplicates on the left side (keys).
commands { [key: string]:ILocalizedCommand} The keys of this object should map to the names of commands in the base (English) plugin.
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