Custom STT API


Last Updated May 21, 2020

This API is used for overriding the built-in STT in LipSurf for an external one. It is only available in LipSurf Enterprise builds.

Quick Start

var i = i || 0;
		forLipSurf: true, 
		method: 'handleTranscript', 
		args: ["hello world", 0.99, true, i++, +new Date()],
}, '*');



Sends STT generated transcript to LipSurf for processing and command execution.

  * @param transcript
  * @param confidence between 0 and 1, 1 being the highest level of confidence
  * @param isFinal set to true if there will not be any subsequent adjustments 
  *     to this transcript
  * @param resultIndex so we can identify if we're updating a previous 
  *     transcript (eg. with a higher confidence, or if we're adding newly said 
  *     things)
  * @param recgTime when the transcript was generated in milliseconds since 
  *     UNIX epoch
		transcript: string,
		confidence: number,
		isFinal: boolean, 
		resultIndex: number,
		recgTime: number
	): void;


Start listening.


Pauses LipSurf from listening, but does not turn it completely off (useful for keeping LipSurf generated UI on the screen).


Stops listening and all LipSurf generated UI removed.

Last updated: 5/28/2020, 10:25:25 PM